Celebrating 25 in Lisbon

This post has been in the works for months, not for any quality reasons but simply because I was unsure how to write it. I went to Lisbon to celebrate my 25th birthday last year with my closest friends so naturally I wanted to preserve the memories and keep it all to myself. Also, as I shared on my about me page, I struggle with the place where TRP and Lola intersect and maintaining my private life which I sooo enjoy. But I am learning more and more that there’s nothing to be afraid of, Lola and TRP are one and the same and I need to embrace that.

I cannot tell you why I chose Lisbon to celebrate my birthday, it was one of those “It came to me” moments. I wouldn’t particularly say Lisbon was on my “bucket list” but looking back, it was the perfect spot. I “curated” this trip for myself and 7 others and we had a BLAST! I thoroughly enjoyed planning it and I was so grateful to my friends for taking the time to come celebrate with me.

Prior to this trip I had never gone on a group holiday so I was very nervous, “What if people don’t get along”, “What if people get bored”, and so on…..safe to say, all the worry was for naught.


Where we stayed

Villa Amendoa, one of the beautiful Villas managed by Allure Villas. Villa Amendoa is on “Lisbon coast” in an area on the other side of the “25 de Abril” bridge. This meant we were about 25 mins from the main city of Lisbon but it was super easy to get into the main city by car and we had no issues getting around.

Top Tip – If you are going with a smaller group or solo, it may benefit you to stay in Lisbon central.

Best Moments

  1. Pool-front breakfast every morning, it was a spread every single morning and we thoroughly enjoyed Villa Amendoa.
  2. Our sunset sailing experience with Marlin Tours . Our “sail captain” was HILARIOUS. So many hashtags came out of our experience on this tour boat. It went on the river Tagus and saw many historic sites (from the boat) while watching a beautiful sunset. We played our own music, drank prosecco and just had an all round BLAST. It was also surprisingly affordable. I cannot recommend enough.
  3. The Dock Nightclub. This club had been recommended to me by multiple people wo had been to Lisbon so I obviously had to go see what the hype was. So we show up at about midnight thinking, Damn we are late. We get to the door and the bouncers tell us to wait aside. Here I am panicking that we had come all this way just to have missed it, turns out THE CLUB HAD NOT OPENED! I clearly missed the part where the people of Lisbon party till 7am in all the raves I got about the club. We had such a good time! I definitely recommend.
Birthday Glow
Birthday Glow
Turning up on a boat
Flamingos were a hit
I fell off a few times
Living my best life
So Grateful

All in all, grateful for 25 years of life and praying for more life, more wisdom, more health and peace of mind in the years to come!

This trip got me seriously considering adding “TRP Travel Club” to my repertoire in addition to TRP Brunch Club. What do you guys think?

A few posts coming up on places to eat in Lisbon, you already knew that would be a post on it’s own! I will also share top tips for planning a group holiday and other tips for a trip to Lisbon. Have you been to Lisbon? Do you want to go? Got questions about anything? Let’s talk in the comment section.

Until Next Time



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  1. Ashleigh says:

    when i finally get to go to lisbon i’ll make sure to check back to this post for the tips xx


    1. Awesome! Thanks for checking it out.


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