3 Valentines Day Gifts for a Foodie

Valentines Day is exactly one week away, and the buzz has started. In fact the buzz starts on the 1st of February if I’m honest. While I do love love and I’m a sucker for romance, the commercialisation of valentines day and literally any holiday under the sun makes me feel somehow. I personally feel like it puts so much pressure on people to “celebrate” even when they don’t necessarily want to.

That said, I am a foodie through and through so I’ll take food gifts from boyfriends, sisters, friends and anyone willing to shower me with the gift of food. What better way to celebrate??

For anyone planing to share gifts with someone this Valentine’s Day, why not give the gift of FOOD. Here are 3 of my top foodie gift ideas for Valentines day.

1. Donut Bouquet 

When Jo from girleatsworld (check her out) put this up on twitter, my jaw was on the floor was a hot minute. It’s so genius I cannot believe it. Their tag line is “because you can’t eat flowers” and I cannot even tell you how many times I have said that. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE flowers; but after the first few days I don’t really know what to do with them. I always struggle to keep them alive….BUT I love them still, just in-case J is reading *side eye*. Treat your loved one to a bouquet of donuts (link here) this valentines day. I believe their prices start from £35 and they have a wide delivery area around London. They also have next day delivery, for you last minute Larrys.

2.  A Home Cooked Meal

Listen! There’s nothing more romantic than a candle lit home-cooked dinner with just the two of you..NOTHING. You won’t have to deal with the waiter butting in to ask “is your food okay?” or “Do you need more bread”. Or the scores of other lovers trying to have a romantic moment over an over-priced meal on world lovers dayThis Valentines day, switch it up with a home cooked meal, some scented candles, a nice playlist from Spotify or whatever you listen to, and ENJOY each other’s company. There’s honestly nothing more romantic. The same applies if you want to spend valentines day with your sisters, friends and family. Make yourselves a meal and enjoy each other’s company. 

If you don’t really fancy cooking and are based in Lagos, Nigeria; let Ilemilele hook   you up with a pre-cooked home meal. It really doesn’t get better than that.

3. Chocolate Covered Everything

Fine, you want the regular stuff. You’re not really feeling the donuts or the home cooked meal. Then go the regular chocolate covered way. Nothing screams I valentines day like Chocolates and Chocolate covered treats. Yes it may be a little played out but it’s cute still, you know why? YOU CAN EAT IT! Chocolates, Chocolate covered strawberries, pineapples (I’m sure I’ve seen that), and pretty much anything under the sun that can be covered in chocolate is a YES! Treat the special person in your life by gifting them some chocolate. Fun fact, chocolate is ALLEGEDLY and aphrodisiac *side eye*.

I hope you all enjoy the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and the day itself. Remember that Saint Valentine, the reason why valentines day exists in the first place was not the patron Saint of Bae. So please do not feel pressured to celebrate with a special someone, YOU ARE SPECIAL, now go get some chocolate!

Until Next Time,



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