3 Things I Always Have in my Fridge

*waves coyly*

Hey guys, it has been a hot minute but I am back. I haven’t eating out much nor have I cooked anything exciting in a while so forgive me for not coming to you with a spanking new review. If you missed my last one of Ikoyi, check it out – click here.

This post is actually inspired by the fact that my fridge is the barest it has been in ages. I have a bad habit of buying things in bulk even though I only live with one other person. As a result, most of the time when I open something, I don’t finish it and then it gets forgotten and ultimately wasted. I HATE THIS SO MUCH. Of all the bad habits I have, I think wasting food fills me with the most guilt. First of all, the obvious moral reasons. I come from a country where stats say that millions of people go to bed hungry. Second of all, it’s food I could have ENJOYED. It pains me really.

Call it punishment or atonement for sins (coupled with laziness), my fridge is near empty right now. This is what inspired me to write this post, because as empty as it is, there are 3 things I always have in my fridge without fail.




source: Pexels

Maybe because it is an item that doesn’t go bad easily; I always have butter in my fridge without fail. I love a spontaneous pastry or pancakes on a Saturday morning so I always buy multiple blocks of butter and store the extras in the freezer. Does anyone else do this? 


source: Pexels

A lot of people actually don’t like spinach and I find that so strange, it doesn’t taste like anything!! Spinach is my go-to for making any dish guilt free. I can be having pizza and throw a handful of spinach on it to make it “healthy”. Laugh with me please – LOL. That aside, I actually really like spinach. It’s super easy to prepare and goes well with anything. I often eat it raw so I just wash it and throw it in smoothies or on the side of a dish. I don’t really enjoy it cooked because it becomes limp and just makes everything soggy! yuk. When I do add it in cooked food, I add it last after I have turned off the heat so it cooks ever so slightly.


source: Pexels

I LOVE bell peppers and I unashamedly put them in everything. They go well with everything and are sweet but also savoury (if you get what I mean?). I also like that they add crunch and colour to meals. I particularly like the orange ones, not so keen on the green. Whether or not I need them I always buy them when I go grocery shopping. I do prefer the slimmer peppers to the actual “bell” peppers (I think they are called pimento peppers) because they are less “water heavy”.

There you have it, 3 things I always have in my fridge. It sounds like I’m actually a healthy human being, but all my guilt foods are in the freezer *cheeky laugh*. Maybe I’ll do a freezer edition next.

Your turn, what do you never run out of? What’s alway’s in your fridge?

Until Next Time,






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  1. I’m with you on the bell pepper! I think that is such an essential item; and you can add it to almost any meal too.


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