West Africa came to slay in North London and I’m so here for it!

The new wave of African “fine” Dining fills me with so much excitement. I am constantly amazed by the creativity of these chefs and they way they take meals and ingredients I have been around all my life, and turn them into super exciting and beautifully presented meals.

The menu at &Suya is super simple, the staff were very friendly and the food is delicious. I particularly liked that the cocktails were given interesting names like “ojingolo”. Sounds like something that will send you dancing on the table in no time!

J and I had a full 3 course meal and BOYYYY were we stuffed! While &Suya is affordable, we did spend quite a bit and I attribute it to the fact that we probably didn’t need a full 3 courses, we were just so eager to try it all. I would definitely say it’s still in the affordable range, maybe a little pricier than the average restaurant in Collindale (not that I would know). I personally feel like we got our money’s worth.

Plantain Fritters

The highlight for me was definitely the grilled fish, which wasn’t even what I ordered (LOL). The fish was beautifully cooked and very well seasoned. And when I say very well seasoned, the seasonings did not jump out at you, they were subtle yet rich! I loved that.

I ordered the &Suya Short rib and while I loved my potatoes, I found the beef quite fatty. Maybe that’s what a beef short rib is supposed to be and I’m just a villager, but the fat certainly did not go down well with me, so half of it was not eaten. I sure cleared the potatoes though.

The desert was a treat (pun intended) and I thoroughly enjoyed my banana rice pudding and super malt ice cream. J had the cornbread and peak custard, which I tasted and equally loved!

Grilled Fish

All in all, I will most certainly be back to &Suya and I definitely recommend it, whether you’ve been eating African food all your life or you’re looking to try something new.

If you do go or have already been, leave a comment below sharing your experience.

Guinea Fowl Popcorn

&Suya Beef Short Rib

Banana Rice Pudding

Cornbread & Peak Custard


Price: ££

Food Quality: 4*

Restaurant Atmosphere: 3*

Staff: 4*

&SUYA Website

What we had

Plantain Fritters

Guinea Fowl Popcorn

&Suya Short Rib

&Suya Grilled Fish with Mixed Chips and Plantain

Cocktails (“Ojingolo” and “Na wa oh”)


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