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I have not done a restaurant review in a little while, partly because it is now so cold in London and frankly I have not had the time. When I was approached to try the ‘best roti in London’ and provide an honest review, I dug out my camera and reported for foodie duty. I must be honest I scoffed a little at the description ‘best roti in London’ partly because I personally have not had many Rotis so I honestly wasn’t sure I’d be able to tell better from best.

Jerkmaica is a nice spot in Finsbury Park, nested between some restaurants and shops on a not so busy street. The Logo definitely caught my eye and makes it intriguing to go in. The decor inside was even more interesting, however, I did find it a little cold inside. It would be great to re-visit in the summer and feel the true vibe.

I was greeted by the lovely staff and Barry, the owner who I found very friendly. His passion for what he does is so evident from the way he goes about preparing the meals.

We had a few things and they tasted divine. Honestly, the food tasted like it had been made in a home kitchen, fresh ingredients hot from the stove.

jerkmaica drink editedRoti&GoateditedpsdveganeditedporkwrapJerkmaicalogoedited


Price: ££

Food Quality: 5*

Restaurant Atmosphere: 3*

Staff: 4*

Jerkmaica Website

What we had

Jerk & Roti Bar – Vegan

Jerk & Roti Bar – Goat

Jerk & Roti – Pork

Goat Curry

Mac n Cheese


It sounds like a lot of food, but the concept (which I love) was like tapas where you get small plates. It’s perfect for an indecisive eater like me who just wants to try everything.

What I loved the most were the Mac n Cheese and the Pork Roti. YUM! Mac n Cheese is one of my faves, but it also varies so much depending on who makes it and even what their mood was when they made it. But the Mac n Cheese at Jerkmaica actually came in close rivalry to the Mac and cheese at Dirty Bones (read my review here), which still takes the crown for the best Mac n Cheese in London, yes you can quote me on that. It was an interesting spin on the classic with some peppers. Loved it.

The Pork Roti was delightful, it was the last thing I tried and so I was bursting at the seams by that point, but the meat was so tender and the roti was perfectly wrapped around it. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I also really enjoyed the drinks, they were freshly made and bottled right there in the restaurant, I found this quite an interesting concept. They were also very strong, considering cocktails at restaurants are often a bit of a rip off with more tail than cock (is that even a thing?).


I’ll definitely be visiting Jerkmaica again, did I mention they also offer takeaway via Deliveroo?

Jerkmaica can be found in the following locations;

121 Stroud Green Road, N4 3PX

10 Chapel Market,  N1 9EZ

23 Park Road, Crouch End, N8 7HH

Have you been to Jerkmaica? Sound like something you’d like to try? Leave your comments/questions below.

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